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The Hoist Cylinder is the main part of Dump Truck and it is used to raise and lower the Dump Truck body. The dump truck mechanism consist of various models which can be selected base on truck size and desired loading capacity.

LCS Group offers dump hoist from 2 tons to 15 tons. LCS dump hoist is manufactured with highest quality and tested to work in toughest working condition. Every dump hoist comes with complete set of equipment for installation. LCS Group promise to provide only highest quality parts at affordable prices.

Connection Pipe

Oil Reserve

Body Hinge


Hydraulic Hose

Drive Shaft

Gear Pump

Hinge Pin Shaft

     LCS Group Hoist Mechanism (Dump) is carefully selected and tested by our engineers to ensure greatest durability and quality.


     LCS Group provides 2 tons, 4 tons, 6 tons and beyond. All of which come with equipments and accessories ready for installation. 

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