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JOST offers high-quality brand products which are split into the following three system groups: Vehicle Interface (focusing on products required for operating truck and trailer commercial vehicle combinations, such as fifth wheel couplings and landing gears), Handling Solutions (comprising container equipment and hydraulic cylinder products) and Manoeuvring (focusing on axles for tractors (trucks), semitrailers and trailers, as well as forced steering systems).


Product Lists

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JOST Landing Gear

The difference between the JOST landing gear design and older competitive products is obvious right from the first glance: there is no external gearbox! The gearing mechanism is an integral part of the sturdy leg column, which protects the gearing from abuse and most importantly minimizes significantly water intrusion, which is a very damaging element to landing gear with external gear housings.





JOST Modul Flyer


JOST King Pin

JOST bolt in kingpins are suitable for OEM and aftermarket replacement. Once the retention plate is installed the kingpin can be easily replaced in minutes by just removing the mounting bolts. The retention plate is intended to be incorporated into the design of the upper coupler structure similar to that of an SAE mushroom style weld in kingpin. It must be welded using a procedure published by the American Welding Society, or other technical organization.





JOST Fifth Wheel

JOST has been manufacturing fifth wheel coupling devices globally since 1956 and we began manufacturing for the North America market at our Greeneville, Tennessee facility in 1999. In total JOST has supplied more than three million fifth wheels to the global market and there now hundreds of thousands on the road in North America.






JOST King Pin Flyer

JOST Fifth Wheel Flyer

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