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Parlok™ Mudguards

Our products are certified and represent outstanding quality. They are made of strong HDPE plastic, so they are extremely wear-resistant. Parlok mudguard can withstand highest range of temperature from -50 to 80 Degree Celsius. Parlok™ is probably the world strongest mudguard.

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1.Made from High Density Polyethylene, HDPE

2.Accurately controlled material thickness

3.Tested heat resistance from -50°C to + 80 Degree Celsius

4.Good chemical resistance

5.High UV Resistance

6.Matt surface finish means resistant to scratches

7.Strong, flexible and light in weight

8.Easy installation

9.High resistance to impact

10.ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (Quality and Environmental Assessment Proven

11.Material thickness is 4 mm (Quality is Important)

Benefits of Parlok™ Mudguards

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