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LCS Group is Thailand Authorized Distributor of ORAFOL VC 104+ Rigid Grade from Germany.

VC 104+ Rigid Grade is a tough weather and solvent resistant product designed for rugged outdoor use. The material is intended for application as conspicuity marking on trucks and trailers with rigid sides.

  • Outstanding long distance nighttime visibility

  • Approved to regulation ECE 104 Class C

  • 360 Degrees reflection direction

  • Easy to handle and apply

  • No edge sealing required

  • Easy to cut

  • Polyester construction ensures mechanical stability

  • Resistant to power washing

  • Highly resistant to most industrial cleaning processes

  • 10 year warranty

  • Single layer prismatic construction with adhesive backing

Colours: Yellow, White, and Red

Standard roll size: 50 mm

ORALFOL Reflective Solutions PDF

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