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Axles - Drum Brake

Drum brakes are part of the history of the vehicles and road transport. Easily adaptable to every construction requirement, performing high braking in small wheels and adverse environmental conditions, for smooth, highly sensitive braking.

Axles - Disc Brake

The future of transport over long distances is the disc brake. Disc brakes are low fading affected, ensuring maximum efficiency, even at high temperatures; high braking comfort and fast reaction. The compact construction, combined with the fitting of offset wheels, allows the construction of wide and more stable trailer chassis, offering the advantage of using the same wheels for tractor and trailer, with only one type of spare wheel. Today, most trucks have disc brakes, therefore, the use of the same type of brake on the trailer gives uniformity in assembly, improving safety and driving comfort.

Steering Axles

Fuel and maintenance of vehicles are an increasing part of the running costs for a transport company. The steering axle greatly improves the performance of trailers and semi-trailers. The motor vehicle is less stressed, and so saves fuel. Steering axles also help to save the tyre wear and tear. Carriers drive more kilometres with a set of tyres and have less downtime. Even recycled tyres can be used with increased safety.

Pendular Axles

Swinging axles are the best solution for heavy duty vehicles on extreme uneven ground. Flexibility through a rigid and stiff structure defines this High- performance product, always ensuring optimum ground contact. This means high operator safety and optimum load distribution in all travel conditions.

Mechanical Suspensions

Maximum stability
A light structure to carry a heavy load, it’s the requirement for a safe travel. The SAE-SMB leaf spring suspensions optimise flexibility and high resistance under load, comfort and reliability, even for high vehicles. 
Perfect alignment of the axles
An effective system of adjustable clamping allows the easy alignment of every single axle thus improving precision in driving, fuel and tyre economy. 
High modularity of the components
Most of the components are common to tandem and tridem and allow the creation of suspensions of very different characteristics by replacing only a few components.
Optimization of the braking efficiency of the axles
The SAE-SMB suspensions always allow a high level dynamic compensation of the braking efficiency among the axles, thus ensuring a smooth and equilibrated braking action with optimum distribution of brake wear without any vibration, thanks to the clever position of the camshaft of the drum brakes, which is always in tandem with the wheel rotation. 
Silent drive and easy maintenance
All the joints of the suspension are silent-blocs in order to reduce the noise through a simple and easy to maintain construction. No periodic lubrication is necessary so there no risk of malfunction due to rust.

Mechanical Bogie Suspensions

These are heavy duty suspensions, suitable for the extreme uses in quarries and on construction sites for large-scale civil works. Designed for twin wheels and large loads. Capacity of up to 30 tonnes. The short wheelbase makes steering easier. Its compact design optimises the vehicle’s stability.

Air Suspensions

Air suspension is the most popular on commercial vehicles. Simple construction, modularity and versatility of use, thanks to its large diffusion, they are characterised by the standardised main components, thus improving the availability of spare parts and offering an efficient and responsive service to the users. Compared to traditional mechanical suspensions, pneumatics offer many advantages:
• the vehicle attitude can be adapted to loads and routes
• its self-levelling feature keeps the height of the vehicle constant independently of the load conditions
• can automatically compensate the braking dynamics, always ensuring proper adherence
• can stabilise the vehicle while cornering and integrate ABS and ESP devices to optimise the behaviour of the vehicle
• the modularity of this type of suspension allows to design assemblies with practically unlimited number of axles.


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